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wholesome sprouted gourmet superfoods

wholesome sprouted gourmet superfoodswholesome sprouted gourmet superfoodswholesome sprouted gourmet superfoods

Specs and information


Why Are We Selling This Dryer?

We (Rey & Bobby Longhurst) are selling this dryer because we have two of them and want to downsize to one making room to bring other related processing equipment into our plant. It has become evident that one dryer is sufficient for our needs because of the large processing capacity of the 2 combined units.

Condition Of The One We Are Selling

The one we are selling has been only slightly used because it is positioned further away from our sprouting room. It is also a newer model than the older one which we will keep. The one we are selling was manufactured in 2014.

What Is The Price?

The purchase price is $285,000 Firm

Replacement (new) cost for this (complete system) is approximately $370,000 plus freight and installation.

What Is Included In The Purchase Price?

COMPLETE TURN-KEY PACKAGE. The dehydrator, 29 dollies holding 36 plastic 27"wide x 37"long x 2"high trays each (1,044 total trays), freight & delivery to Western United States and installation / set-up is included in the price. 

Processing Cycle

10 dollies per rotation cycle. Get 10 dollies ready, dry 10 dollies, take 10 dollies out of dryer to stabilize before packaging the product. 24/7 turn around processing capability.

Product Uses

Nuts, Hemp, Cannabis, Herbs, Fruit, Jurkey, Vegetables, etc.

Example: 5,500 pounds of almonds per batch.

Smaller batches can be done by filling the remaining dryer space with empty trays on dollies.

Adjustable temperature and humidity control settings to achieve precise end results.

Estimated cost for 360 full trays of product dehydration= +or- 10 cents per pound.

FDA Compliant.

Inside All-Weather Operation

Dryer is vented outside through the roof intake and exhaust. Inside ceiling height of 14 feet is required for crane installation. 12 x 12 foot overhead door entry is perfect.



Dehydrator Footprint

25 feet long X 5 1/2 feet wide

Electrical Requirements

3 Phase / 208 Volts / 60HZ

Gas Requirements

Natural Gas / 1 MBTU

Manifold Pressure 0-5 W.C.

Inlet Supply 3-10 PSIG

Floor Requirements

Level Concrete Pad. Minimum 4 inches thick.


70% Deposit / Balance Upon Completion of Installation and Set-Up

What You Need To Do On Your End

1 - Arrange and pay for Gas Hook-Up before and during Installation.

2 - Arrange and pay for Electrical Hook-Up before and during Installation.

3 - Arrange and pay for Roofing / Ceiling Work before, during and after installation.


Two full days required for complete installation after equipment arrival. Electrical, Gas and Roofing contractors must be on site periodically throughout the install in order to coordinate and expedite completion of the project.

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sprouted gourmet specialty foods

Sprouted trail mix

Sprouting Has a Purpose

Almonds have enzyme inhibitors in them. This is why almonds can remain stored for many years. To eat un-sprouted almonds is to eat these enzyme inhibitors... which will inhibit the enzymes y-o-u need to digest your food! Sprouting Removes the Enzyme Inhibitors! Nutritionally, you get more "bang-for-your-buck"! Sprouting is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena. From this tiny appendage, a tree is born. It’s not surprising that there is exceptional nutritional value locked inside the kernel. Sprouting enlivens the enzymes that are dormant within. These enzymes activate when they come in contact with water, and the nuts are “awakened”. The potential growth for each nut is to become a tree, and when we eat Sprouted Almonds® our bodies receive this concentrated vital energy and nutrition. Even more important, sprouting neutralizes enzyme inhibitors present in the nut, allowing quicker and more complete digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Resveratrol – Anti Aging Factor Sprouted Almonds® Brand contains 1.4mg Resveratrol per serving (24 nuts). 1.4mg is equivalent to 3 glasses of Red Wine. Gluten Free! GMO Free! Additive Free! SPROUTED ALMONDS IS A RAW, WHOLE FOOD! Enjoy the absence of that rancid oil after taste associated with oil roasted almonds. We do not roast our Sprouted Almonds®! We dry them! Original Gourmet Sprouted Almonds® are easier on the stomach! Sprouted Almonds® are healthier, easier to chew & digest! GO SHOPPING

Original Gourmet Sprouted Almonds - A Gourmet Superfood

Since 2004 Rey and Bobby Longhurst have produced and sold Sprouted Almonds nationwide. It all started when Bobby (Rey's wife spelled like a boy) had serious health problems. The doctors could not find the problem. They enrolled her in the resident Optimal Health Institute in San Diego for a two week stay to find out what was wrong with her health. One of the organic foods they fed her was sprouted almonds. This specialty food made Rey VERY CURIOUS INDEED! After months of research and product development Rey concluded that this was something the whole world needed to know about. Sprouted Almonds, LLC was born! Rey and Bobby rebranded the company in 2017 under the name Longhurst Farms to include additional sprouted products besides almonds. GO SHOPPING

Sprouted Sunflower Seeds and Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

In 2018 Rey & Bobby expanded their operation to include sprouted sunflower and pumpkin seeds. GO SHOPPING

Sprouted Nutrition Mix

Also, in 2018 They added a new product called Sprouted Nutrition Mix. This is a mixture of Original Gourmet Sprouted Almonds, Himalayan Salted Sprouted Almonds, German Dark Chocolate covered Sprouted Almonds, Coconut Chocolate Sprouted Almonds, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds and Dried Whole Cranberries. GO SHOPPING